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1. The instructor shall provide the pupil with driving tuition at the rate per hour previously communicated to the pupil.
2. Payment for tuition should be made in advance by cheque either directly to the instructor. Alternatively the pupil may the instructor in cash or by cheque (made payable to the instructor) at the commencement of each lesson.
3. Lessons which are Block Booked only attract a lower fee if they are paid for in advance. If the full fee of the first lesson of the block booking is not fully paid, then that lesson will be charged for at the full rate at the beginning of the lesson.

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4. All matters relating to the timing, location and duration of individual lessons shall be subject to agreement between the instructor and the pupil.
5. The instructor shall have the right to rearrange any appointment to a time convenient to both parties if the instructor is not available for any reason.
6. Lesson cancellations can only be made by the pupil directly with the instructor at least two working days (excludiing Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays) prior to the commencement of the lesson. If lesson cancellation is not received in this time period, the instructor may deduct the lesson from the remaining hours.

Notification of Medical Conditions

7. The pupil must inform the instructor if they have ever had, or currently suffers from a medical condition, or disability that may affect their driving.
8. Pupils must satisfy the driving instructor that they can read a vehicle number plate with letters 79.4mm (3.1in) high at a minimum distance of 20.5 metres. Number plates with a narrower font introduced during 2001, should be read from a distance of 20 metres. If the pupil requires glasses or contact lens to read the number plate, they agree that these will be worn all times during driving.
9. Pupils with colour-blindness must inform the instructor so that the instructor can ensure that the pupil can recognise road signs by their shapes and understand the sequence of lights at traffic signals, as this is more difficult without colour.

Changes to the Terms

10.G's Driving School may change the terms at any time. If you take lessons after G's driving school has changed the terms, you will be bound to the new terms. it is hereby expressly agreed that this contract is made solely between the instructor, as principal, and the pupil. In making any bookings, supplying any information or documentation to the pupil. For the avoidance of doubt, however, nothing in these terms shall exclude the liability of G's driving School for loss or damage directly occasioned by the negligence or other.